19 January 2013

Menu Plan 1/21- 1/27

Menu Plan Monday!!

Seriously, one of the happiest parts of being settled again is the ability to menu plan fully. I am a complete nerd for this, I know it, and I am thoroughly okay with it. (I was also VERY excited to vacuum again). Anywho!! Here is our Menu Plan for January 21st- 27th, 2013.

1/21: B-cereal, rice milk, apple
          L- rice, leftover meat & veggies
          S- chocolate loaf, PB cream cheese spread, banana
          D- Baked Tacos, salad, corn

1/22: B- pancakes, eggs, orange
          L- pizza pucks, salad
          S- more chocolate loaf
          D- Loaded Baked Potatoes, broccoli

1/23: B- oatmeal, raisins
          L- PBJ, carrots w/ranch
          S- Wheat Thins, cheese sticks, applesauce
          D- Corey Request: Mac & Cheese California Baby Blend veggies, crunchy chicken

1/24: B-pancakes, bananas
          L- corn dog, green beans
          S- homemade pretzel bites, grapes
          D- Vegetarian Chili & cornbread (I'm looking forward to this one!!)

1/25: B- cereal, grapes, rice milk
          L- leftovers
          S- graham crackers, yogurt, apple slices
          D- Cobb Salad

1/26: B- cinnamon butter crescent rolls, berries
          L- out
          S- spinach artichoke dip, french bread
          D- Beefy Spaghetti, salad, parmesan garlic twists (a la Roundtable Pizza)

1/27: B- cinnamon butter crescent rolls, bananas
          L- PBJ, carrots w/ranch
          S- nillas, pudding
          D- Leftovers

Our theme next week for "school"ing purposes is British Culture, so we will be making Shortbread cookies. Friday nights are Family Fun Nights, so we are making Best Brownies Ever.
If you would like recipes to any of these feel free to email or FB me. Some are also on my Pinterest Yums board.
What are you eating?

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