27 October 2013

Daily Schedule with 3 kids (4,3,6 months)

Let me start off by saying that this is our schedule, but we don't always follow it to a T. Most days this is how it goes, but with kids I've learned to be flexible. I have to tell you with 3 little ones I rarely feel like I've "done" anything all day. It feels like my day is mostly things that have to be repeated every day or every week. I'm learning to embrace it, because fighting it does nothing and just makes me more tired, ha! I also have to say, that while I have an encouraging, supportive, low-maintenance husband, his work schedule changes almost every 3 months, so we have to adjust when that happens. I have a baby who is slowly lengthening his schedule, so we adjust then too. AND, Little Girl S is going to nursery come this January, so we will adjust then also.
FINALLY, here it is:
On Wednesdays from 9:30am I have PWOC, Fridays I grocery shop, the 1st & 3rd Thursdays are MOPS (which I mostly go to), the 2nd & 4th Tuesday are special events for PWOC, those mornings I don't have anything planned I either run other errands, catch up on deep cleaning, or do something special with S. After the kids get in bed, I do some clearing up (which we also do as a family throughout the day). I find time to squeeze in other chores too. Morning chores are laundry & dishes. I do work for PWOC and my bible study after the kids are in bed. Also, the kids help with chores around the house, including making meals. Learning Activities are different each day of the week. Monday is art, Tuesday is science, Wednesday is literacy, Thursday is math, and Friday varies, but usually is a "field trip".
We're still working things out, but this is what we have so far. I hope to add working out (at 6am) starting tomorrow. It'll be nice when J is on a 4-hour schedule & crazy different when S is at nursery part-time.
How do things in your house go? Are you more laid back? More scheduled? What do you hope to add/clear out?

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  1. Thanks for posting this! You're crazy fast when you say you are going to blog something! :) Looking forward to our working out 'together' via FB!! You're an awesome mama and I'm totally stealing some stuff from your schedule!! You rock!! <3

    Also, I have a very loose schedule right now. Like Makayla goes to school every morning (DUH) and the babies nap around 1ish every day and we eat dinner when Adam gets home and everyone is in bed by 8 at the latest. But other than that, our days are full of nothing and I'm getting sick of it! So anyway, after my blog post on your blog post, thanks chica!