15 October 2013

Mini-Post: Finding a Church

Here we are almost a year into our life in England and we have yet to find a church home. We knew moving here that we wouldn't find a church like our last (Alice Drive Baptist Church, in South Carolina, is AMAZING!) and probably not even one like our first church together (Parkway, in California, is wonderful!). I know finding a church takes time. It took us over a year to find Alice Drive, because we thought we found our church, but it didn't fit us. I am just bummed that we still haven't found our church here. We haven't been able to look non-stop, you know with having a baby and all. We thought we had found it twice, the last time being the base chapel. While both of the churches are good, we haven't felt right. Technically, those two are still on the table, but this weekend we'll be expanding the church search further out. Thirty minutes out! We'll see how it goes.
I'm already involved in the women's ministry at the Chapel and Awanas and MOPS, and I will stay with those groups. We are listening to sermons online from our old churches in the meantime.
We really aren't romanticizing a church and when I say "felt right", we are praying about it and seeking the guidance of the Holy Spirit, not just our feelings. Maybe we aren't going to find a church here that "feels" like ours, maybe we'll go back to the Chapel or Mildenhall Baptist, but we know we need to search a little more.
Oh, List Time, here are some things we'd like in a church:
*A community that does things together outside of sunday worship (ie dinners in small groups, harvest party, outreach get togethers)
*Small groups that are inviting
*Authentically welcoming
*Sermons that challenge you and encourage you to go further & deeper
*Contemporary Worship music, we don't need a rock concert, but it would be nice if everyone on stage was actually singing loudly and together.
*A GREAT children's program
*Maybe a nursery for Jack

What do you love about your church? If you are church searching, what are you looking for in your church?

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