18 March 2009

Settling in

So, I think we, Will & I, are starting to settle into each other. Whew it's harder than I anticipated, but what a wonderful time for God to mold me into a better reflection of him.

God is really teaching me to be flexible & relax. I don't know if you know... but I have a tendency to be Type-A. This is something I see God breaking me of all the time. Thankfully he doesn't give up on me. lol.

I have a great friend, Suzanne, coming in from Indiana tonight & I am SOOO excited. She is so much fun, but she also knows me so well. She'll be able to look at me & tell me "Chill girl" & it actually work. lol. Plus, it'll be so nice to have someone who's been through it helping me through it.

Corey is hopefully off of his 12-hour shifts, so that's another bonus! He's been working 8am-8pm, so I've been baby "master". I love the Air Force, but sometimes I really don't like it. lol.

Ooo I hear Will stirring & there are some things I need to finish up, so I will end this early. Just wanted to give you all updates.

p.s. Thanks to everyone who has emailed, called, or texted words of encouragement & for your prayers. It really helps so much just knowing people care & I'm not alone. love you!

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  1. Totes! It's good to know you're adjusting well. I'm at my Mom's now so let me know about seeing you on Sunday!!!