27 March 2009

Random blurb

Things are going so well. Suzanne came & left already. She was such a great help. I am so thankful she came down.

Today we are going to go visit my Dad, brother & sister. They haven't been able to meet Will yet, & I just realized that tomorrow he is officially 1 month old!!! Crazy!! We are going to stay the night, so hopefully they wont be too annoyed if Will decides to have a fussy night.

Speaking of night... Corey decided that tonight is my night to get the first full night of sleep since before Will came. (Even when he has taken a night feeding or two, I tend to get up to make sure everything is alright). Now Will is sleeping very well at night & Corey threatened to beat me up if I get out of the bed. lol. He also is bringing home earplugs. He's serious & I love him for doing this. It's going to be weird to get continuous sleep. What was it like for you when you first got to sleep through the night after being used to getting naps?

Can I just reiterate (spelling?) that I am so thankful that I can keep in touch with friends & family through the internet. I don't really like being glued to the phone, but with the internet I can email, myspace, facebook, & blog & keep up with all my buddies through it, at whatever time is convenient for me. I have actually renewed & strengthened relationships since I moved & started spending more time online. I do need to make more friends here (in time), but I am thankful that I'm not alone during this time in my life. Praise the Lord. Now... how do I make friends here... haha, jk

I was going to add some pictures, but it's not letting me... I guess I'll try again later, sorry

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  1. i just love that picture of you guys @ the beach. I would like a copy. MOM Shipe