04 March 2009

He's Here!!

You all pretty much knew that, right? It's just the best fitting title.

Isn't he the most HANDSOME boy ever?! Yeah I know you think so! hehe. He looks like his Daddy for sure.

He was born February 28, 2009 @ 8:21am! Oh it was such a great labor & delivery! It flew by.

I was anxiously awaiting his arrival, so I tried a natural induction suggested by some friends from church. I started drinking raspberry leaf tea in the afternoon & within 3 hours I was having regular contractions!

So, around 2:30 am things were getting pretty intense, so we went to the hospital. When I arrived I was 5cm, 80% effaced & he was "really really far down" (nurse). Also when I got to the hospital I decided I didn't want to try it all natural. I saw the benefit of peacefully enjoying the process rather than struggling to get through it. I have so much respect for women who go all natural & thought I wanted that for myself, but nope. haha.

Anyways, so I get the epidural & I feel fabulous!!! That thing is the best invention EVER! So... an hour or two after getting the epidural I was feeling the beginings of the need to push. They checked me & I was 7cm & 100% effaced, but when the doctor came (about 5 mins. later) He said I was sitting on the baby & was ready. (I still felt fabulous!). The nurses were getting everything ready & we were all joking around & laughing. Then I started to push & in 3 little pushes he was crowning! They told me to stop pushing (way easier said than done) & went to get the doctor. BUT... we were all joking around & Corey & I were cracking up. I couldn't stop laughing & before the nurses could get half way to the door, I see Corey look down there in suprise & say "uh the baby!" & start cracking up (as I'm laughing) the nurses freaked out because he was popping out & they didn't have gloves on & the doctor was down the hall. They are yelling at me to stop laughing, which only makes me laugh harder (& Corey is crying from laughing so hard). As soon as the doctor walks in, before he gets to my bed, POP out is little William's big head! haha. I literally laughed him out!!! Which is so fitting with me & Corey!

So, He's here, weighed 8 lbs. 12 oz. & measured 21 inches long! His stats have lots of 8's, 1's & 2's! We can't wait to see his social security number!

We got to go home Monday morning.

Oh, well looky look, I guess I'll have to finish this up later, mommy duties call.
I really don't know how you all who have kids do everything. I feel like my day is all Will, but I sometimes get to choose between sleep & something else. So... it may be a bit before I continue this. Don't hold your breath, but eventually I will get to it. haha

To hold you over, here are some more pics of Will.


  1. Congratulations! He is beautiful and I am so jealous of your labor and delivery! Way to go! Enjoy each and every minute. It passes way too quickly!

  2. Welcome big Will! You did great Theresa (and Cory too) I agree; to laugh through delivery - what an awesome thing. Enjoy your babymoon! xoxo

  3. Brittney and I were jealous of your story. Haha your engagement story and now your birth story. I am so proud of you and so so happy. When your days stop running together you'll eventually get back in the swing of things. Wait until your first venture out alone with Will. It's difficult but a must. Everything takes practice!
    For now just enjoy being with him at home. It really goes by faster than you can imagine. Take lots of pictures and write down funny things.

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