20 July 2009

Will is growing up

Will wont sit back in his infant seat anymore. He tries to sit up all the way. Which is good (sad he's growing up so fast), but when I sit him up on the floor he leans over a lot (which upsets his tummy). I know that's what they do before they sit up for real, it's just amazing how fast it's happening.

He's also rolling over more. Corey was playing with Molly & Will couldn't see so he rolled over. He's a genius! haha. He wants to play with his feet, but cant quite keep them in his hands.

He's eating in a highchair & eating well. For Breakfast he has cereal & a fruit (so far only pears), Lunch is a green veggie & a yellow veggie, Dinner is cereal & a veggie. Dinner is hit or miss, so sometimes we only try cereal. I had grand plans of making my own babyfood, but there is a severe lack of organic fruits & veggies suitable for Will. I might check to see if Food Lion has any before I give up.

So, now I know why they say babies are so expensive. We are at a point where we are needing to buy more clothes, more bibs & burp cloths, a stroller (his is only his carseat & he wants to sit up now), & one of those exersaucers. Oh & food. I guess I'll have to reevaluate our budget.

Well, I think that's all we've got for now.
Oh on & me & Corey note: Corey might not get deployed. There are 29 people in a bucket & they are only choosing 7 people in the bucket to be deployed & 6 spots are already filled. So Corey has a 5% chance of going, but they already have 3 Ssgts. so we are trying to remain calm. haha

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  1. I just read a really good tip about making your own baby food. Buy the organic veggies in the freezer section (they are cheaper than fresh and easier to find). Cook them and then puree them. Put the puree in ice cube trays and freeze (this way nothing goes bad). Take out a cube or two at meal time and you are set!