29 July 2009


It's been awhile since I've posted pictures. Hey I'm busy! lol.

Here are some...
This was Will's first bite of carrots (he had other babyfood before)
He LOVES them!
He's working on the sippy cup, we might need to try one that you dont have to suck as hard...
Janet came for a short visit! Yaye!
We went on a trip to Florida for a family reunion. This was Will's first time hanging out naked, hey, we're scared of pee! Of course he LOVES it!
This is what our Mornings of Laziness look like...
notice Corey's wake-up smoothie? I was awake.
Corey went to put Wills to bed & he was in there for a long time, I went to check on them...
Feeding the baby, this is where we always feed Will. It's very worn in, haha, we have to rotate the cushions. Yes I know the burp cloth is yucky sorry.
Finally, this is an exersaucer we got for free. We wanted to test it out to see if he'd like it before we bought one. This one is very old, so we are ordering a new one online, wha what!
Oh yeah, he LOVES it too!

So Will is a very happy baby. I get two compliments almost everytime I go out. "He's so cute" (or something along those lines) and/or "He's so happy/alert". Yes he is. I love him. He laughs, giggles, smiles almost all the time. He is very ticklish, just like mom & dad.
Today, I was out with Will & there was a freak downpour just as we were leaving. It was Will's naptime soon so I decided to just go for it. I brought the car around, so Will wouldnt get too wet, but I totally forgot to unlock the doors! I looked down at him as I was running around the car to unlock to doors & he was laughing! We got soaked! but it was so much fun.
Alrighty I'll update you on more stuff later, I've got to make a baba.

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