08 July 2009

We ARE still young at heart!

So it has been pretty rainy the last few days. Corey had been sick for a week, a week ago, & now I have been sick for about a week. It's yucky. But the best thing happened Monday. Well... I should back up.

The Monday before, I had a wonderful friend, Janet Moon, come. She stayed the night! We just hung out at my house & it felt like we hadn't been apart. I love that feeling!

Then Wednesday, Abi, Tristan & Skylar came up to visit us! They stayed until Friday. We went to Ft. Jackson (my first time) that was fun to be at a real BX (except they call it a PX, oh BX= Base eXchange & P= Post). We had so much fun. I love them.

Then to top it off...

Corey had a fabulous 4 day weekend!!! I think that is the FIRST time since we've been at this base that Corey had the days-off he was supposed to get. Anyways! It was fabulous. We hung out all friday & went on a super long walk around the whole base & to the corner store. Saturday was 4th of July & we were lazy during the day & then went to Dillion park for festivities, but I left early with Will. (fireworks & babies I don't think sound like a swell plan). Sunday we drove my brother home to NC, I didn't end up getting lovely Chipotle, but one day I will have it again... Finally, Monday Corey let me sleep in & took the morning shift! I also went to the movies with my friend Faith, for some much needed "no-baby" girl time! For the first time ever, I didn't feel guilty leaving my lil Will man with Cor. But no, none of those things were the best thing that happened...

I grew up in California, so although we have plenty of downpours they are freezing! Right before we were going to put Wills to bed, a torrential downpour started. It looked stronger than a shower! We looked out the sliding glass door, then at each other & without a moment hesitation, Corey read my mind & said "Let's do it!". At those words we both stripped down to our underwear & ran outside (I was wearing a tank top & we have no neighbors).
We ran, jumped, sang, kissed, & ran some more. Molly barked. We kissed, hugged, laughing the whole time.
Then we came back in & video recorded us running around again. (you'll have to wait for the clip).

I LOVE my husband! I L-O-V-E him! I love that we are young at heart, that we are silly together. I love that he will run into the rain with me. aww, love.


  1. You two are so cute together. Never loose that! I miss those "out of no where" down pours! Did you kiss like Allie and Noah in the notebook? And say "It wasn't over for me!" Then he said "It's not over, it STILL isn't over!" I think I'm going to do that sometime! It just showers here though, no down pours....

  2. I LOVE that you ran in the rain. I would too :) I love that I got to visit, though it was too short of a time :( I love you!