28 September 2009

7 months old

William Thomas Shipe...

is 7 months old today!

This month flew by!

Let's see Willzum's favorite things:
*trying to get my cell phone
*eating Earth Best's Teething Biscuts
*pooping while in his exersaucer (everytime!)
*lil crunchies
*playing with paper
*his playskool pop-up toy
*his lovey (a small blanket with a bear body in the middle)

Things he's doing:
*watching his shadow
*making wierd sucking/slurping sounds (I taught him when I was trying to teach him how to use a sippy cup)
*eating some finger foods (hasn't mastered getting little pieces into his mouth)
*rocking on his hands & knees
*getting from a sitting position onto his tummy/all-fours
*sitting up all by himself in the bathtub!
*starting to climb mommy & daddy to get up
*open mouth kisses!
*2 2-hour naps & 1 1-hour nap a day! Sometimes it's a little less than 2 hours.
*rolling over during diaper changes, nice!

I love him so much! We are having so much fun (me, corey, & wills) I hope life will always be this great!
all-fours, not mastered, but starting
teething biscuts
Hello Shadow
Bathtime! Grab the camera!
Mr. Blow-up Lion (we already had a Mr. Lion...)
This is the baby I get to see every morning, I heart his happiness
Lookin at the world with Dada
Daddy Kiss time
just cute

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  1. I love this boy! I can't wait to kiss his face!!!! AAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!