19 September 2009

Menu Plan Monday~ Sept 21st

Starting back on posting Menu's! I always do menus now. I don't always follow them to a T, somedays frozen pizza just sounds better. BUT here is my plan for the upcoming week:

Breakfasts: oatmeal, cereal, banana bread, or toast & fruit

Lunch: salad, sandwich, chicken & organic Mac, taquitos, or pizza

monday: Lemon Pepper Chicken, garlicy broccoli, & rice pilaf
tuesday: Spinach Ricotta Lasagna, salad, & garlic buns (using leftover hot dog buns)
wednesday: BBQ Chicken, salad, & corn
thursday: Taco Casserole & fiesta rice
friday: Pulled Pork sandwiches, green beans & glazed carrots
saturday: Leftovers
sunday: Probably more leftovers

I plan on making banana bread or muffins (or both) because we have 3 bananas very ripe. Sometimes Corey eats them all & wants more, other times he doesn't even look at them. Maybe we'll have banana smoothies & muffins for Corey to take to work.

I also want to make whole wheat chocolate chip cookies, but we'll see. BTW, they are WAY better than with white flour (just remember to cut back on the flour, I leftout 1/4c for the tollhouse recipe).

For more Menu's or to do your own Menu Plan Monday, check out the Organized Junkie's site!

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