15 September 2009


Ahhh I am so bad at this blog thing now.

We went on vacation to Maryland & California to visit family & friends. I wrote down what we did everyday & was planning on updating you all each week... well we know how that went down. So instead of boring you with a play-by-play, I'll give you the "quick" version.
Saturday thru Wednesday we were in Maryland. We hung out with Corey's family & friends. It was mucho fun & we went out a couple nights. It is really nice to have family.

Wednesday we flew to California. Will's FIRST plane ride! He did really well. The first flight & layover was a little off, but I chaulk that up to him being so curious & confused. He LOVED take-off & landings. The second flight he was out the WHOLE time. The third flight (yup, three) he slept the majority of the time, but did have a nice let's-pee-on-mom-3-times-in-the-tiny-airplane-bathroom time.

Anyways, we spent Wednesday thru Wednesday in California. We spent time with my family & a lot of our friends. We were very busy in Cali, we'd leave at 10am & get back aroun 9pm most days. We went out to eat everywhere, we had to get our fill of things not available in SC. Will did really great considering our schedule, being on vacay, & the fact that he was teething! Yup the morning we were leaving my brother discovered his teeth had cut through! Two teeny tiny pearly whites! They are my favorite teeth! I'll keep them forever!

So, when we got back to Maryland, there was a lot of relaxing & casually hanging with family & friends. Then Wednesday we headed back to South Carolina. It was nice to be back in my house, but we had SO much fun. It was a great vacation! Here are a million pictures for you!
Corey giving Will a bath at Mommom & Poppop's
Will taking of for California!!!
Cool Guys (My brother, Mike & Wills)
My Obason (grandma)/Will's Hebason!!
We went to the Jelly Belly, woot!
Will's Obason/my mom
Yum, this was delightful!!! I ate a LOT of food in Cali
Uncle Elliott
Totally passed out playing! haha
Hanging with the Relik's
Hanging with Tiffani Strong
me & Trinity, breakfast the morning we left
me & Bubba (brother), breakfast the morning we left
Iosif's first time holding Wills

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