17 February 2009


Is this baby ever going to come out?!!?

I really thought he would have arrived by now, but I suppose all mom's think that. I know God will bring him in due time & there are things we are still taking care of, so it's good.
Corey's mom's birthday is the 24th, so that would be really special if we had it on her birthday.

We finally got our "family car". It's a beautiful 2003 RAV4! It's blue, which I never thought of, but it's really pretty. It's wonderful & we are so happy with it. Here are some pictures of it. I didn't feel like moving it to get better pictures, sorry.

Also, I've been making some simple paintings for William's room. They are sporty-themed, even though his room is not themed at all. But while I was making those... I got creative & painted what I call "baby boy". It wasn't on purpose, but it ended up being the same size as me! Well, practically. (hope it doesn't make any of you blush)

So, other than being really uncomfortable, I am doing great! William & Corey are both doing great also.
Corey has been off of XBOX for almost 2 weeks!! The reason... Cor had been playing on one of my dad's tvs that he left here. Well, when my dad moved, he took it. Cor would've just moved it to the living room, but apparently we need all kinds of cables for the internet (his fav. game needs to be online to play w/others). So... my honey has been sober. lol. It'll be back to normal in March. Apparently, that is the best time to buy a new TV (that's what Real Simple told me, because all the new tvs are coming in april). Although... William will be here then, so things wont really be normal, will they?

Molly (our puppy) is doing really good too. She listens so well to her mommy (that's me) & they recently opened a dog park on base! FUN! I think I should take her now, I need a little break from cleaning.

Alright, well I hope you all are doing well. Have a great rest of the week & I will totally call you if I go into labor!

oh yeah, fyi, Tuesday nights between 6pm-10pm @ Baskin Robbins, scoops are only $1, $1.50 for 2 scoops!!! Guess where we are going tonight?!

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  1. How exciting you got a RAV4! You've always wanted one...that's so cool! Love the paintings for William's room and the prego lady...very sweet!