22 February 2009

The Vicious Cycle

Here it is,

1)You get sick,
2)Then you have to drink more water (you know to flush it out & because you are breathing through your mouth & thus losing more fluids),
3)Then you end up getting up several times during the night, to go potty from all the water (& a bit of achiness & to blow your nose),
4)Because you aren't getting much sleep, what happens? Your immune system is compromised & weak,
5)Making you... SICK, AGAIN!!

~Add to this a husband who insists on kissing you regardless (because he's in the Air Force, he's "invincible") & then you pass it back & forth.
~Add to this that you spend all day (well kind of) sanatizing doorknobs, comp. mouse, etc.
~Add to this growing a baby!! & All the other symptoms that come with THAT.

& you have a lovely VICIOUS cycle! lol

Just thought I'd share... ohh I should take a picture of sick me & Corey (he's still invincible in my eyes, lol) & add it to this. lol I will tomorrow. Poor baby, he had to work tonight.


  1. Hey Theresa! What a pleasant surprise to see some comments on my blog from you! I was totally thinking about you guys just yesterday and I've been praying for you and Little William! I hope things are going well for you all!!

    God is definitely working in my life. He is awesome, isn't He? Are you ready to bust that baby out soon or what? :)

    Thanks for letting me know I was a good friend...I know I failed a lot, but I keep trying to get better. Sorry to hear you have been sick so much lately! That really stinks! Get better before you go into labor...I'm sure it's no fun to be delivering a baby while sick...you need your strength for all that pushing. :)

  2. Being uncomfortable does come with the territory, but it's all worth it once you see his sweet little face! I was four days late with Makayla, which isn't that bad, but those four days felt like an ETERNITY!! When your due date comes and goes, that's when it gets really rough!

    You've still got a little ways, but you can make it! You've gone this far! :)

    We all have made mistakes in our friendships, but yes, it's good that God can heal that and help us to forgive. Maybe you'll go into labor today! Here's hopin'!!