07 February 2009

How Wonderful

How Wonderful is this Man?!

He is so flippin' fantastic! I really love him & he really takes such great care of me.

Not only does he keep me laughing all the time & looking on the bright side, he knows exactly how to make me feel better in almost every situation.
He's hot, caring, selfless, funny, honest, hardworking, creative, godly, motivating, passionate, respectable, & everything else I can think of.

He has been working a lot lately & today he spent his first day off in a while helping my Dad move, again! I tried to help as much as I could, but that's not very much at all. He didn't complain about it at all, although I know he wanted to relax this weekend. So, not only did he have to load the truck (with the help of my wonderful little bro, & a little help from dad, me & katie) he had to drive 2 hours up there, help unload, take my Dad on some errands, fix some stuff around their house, & now he is driving 2 hours back here. All by himself. He asked me to stay here because a) he knew I didn't want to drive in the car for 4 hours & b) he didn't want me to be too far from the hospital incase I went into labor. Sweetie!

On top of all that, I got my Valentine's Day present early! It is something I've been wanting for the last year or two... Edible Arrangements!! It looks soooo pretty & it's covered in Dark Chocolate, my absolute favorite!! I am so excited to chow down on it when he gets home.

I am so thankful that God has blessed me with such a truely wonderful husband. I really mean that & I really hope that I show not only everybody in the world how much I love him, but most of all him. He isn't perfect, I know, but he is such a blessing to me every single day. I want to dip him in dark chocolate, wrap him in a crepe & eat him all up! lol. I'm so goofy.

p.s. please don't get sick from all my cheesiness. lol I know it was a lot.


  1. He is so sweet! I love edible arrangements. I'll keep my fingers crossed that you get that massage before going into labor. It would be pretty awesome if you went into labor the next day.
    I've never had molten lava cakes, sounds good.

    I really do need to work on my blog. I'm totally slacking. Lol

  2. So when are you due? So exciting! I remember those days after my first baby was born. It is a great time. Enjoy every moment!