04 February 2009

He has dropped!

I've been meaning to blog about a few things, but keep getting distracted.

The newest news, I've "dropped" (that means he's lowered his head into the pelvic area & is ready to come out). Well, that's what the doctor said. He's definitely head down. So, it really is anyday now. Whenever these Braxton Hicks contractions decide to become REAL contractions.

Yesterday, we had one of our childbirth classes & we got to tour the Labor & Delivery area at the hospital. It was really cool. I have to tell you all though, I got a little panicky when we were in the delivery room. It was a little warm in there, but then all of a sudden I realized I'm going to be in that freakin' bed soon! Then it was really hot in there. lol. I was able to keep my cool, but ahh! I'm really going to have this baby! (I know, I'm a genius! lol) As we were ending the tour & heading back to class, we walked by the nursery & one of the couples that is the class was there! She had her baby the day before, crazy!! She was a month early. Talk about making it real.

I figured out a way to describe how it feels. It's like going on a roller coaster. You think it's a great idea & waited in line & are all excited, now you're on it. Then you start going up, clunk-clunk, no big deal your still close to the ground, but after 8 months of clunk-clunk, clunk-clunk, you start to think, "well, this is pretty high, huh?", clunk-clunk, "what am I doing?...", clunk-clunk, "ummm.... maybe they can let me off...", "i don't think i want to do this", "ahhh". (lol). It's that nervousness. BUT as I was describing this to Corey last night, I realized THIS! When you get off the roller coaster (heck, after the first dip sometimes) you are so excited. You may be a little shakey, but you are sooo happy that you did it! You almost can't wait to do it again.

I don't know if the roller coaster should represent just the delivery, or all of parenthood, but I feel better. I am excited to deliver him & I can't wait to meet him, for real, for real.

I wish my friends could be here when I have him. I know some of them are coming eventually & that I'll visit some of them eventually. but you know, right?

Alright, well, I have a few more things to write, but they'll have to wait until my camera is charged so I can add the pictures that go with those things! So check back soon!

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  1. That is a GREAT analogy. It is so true. I went through the same thing. We all do, just remember your body was made to do this! Then when you get off that roller coaster, you're like "that was it?" Lets do it again!!! and again... Haha, personally I hate roller coasters for that reason. I'm terrified of that first plunge. But being a parent is worth everything anyone can throw at you. You definitely have the right mindset. You will be a great Mom and Corey a great Dad. I still can't believe you're really going to have a baby!! AHH.