05 February 2009

My Bunny!

Check this out!!

It's my BUNNY! My great-grandma (Mamaw) made this bunny for me when I was born. That's what my parents always told me. I hope that is right. lol.

I love this bunny, but I am so amazed that somehow I managed to hold on to it.

There are several things from childhood we, as a family, lost because of losing storage units & moving ALOT.

I found this bunny awhile back, but refound it as we were setting up William's room. So, even though he's a boy & this is, obviously, a very girly bunny, I decided to wash it, praying it wouldn't fall apart.

To my suprise & delight it looks practically brand new!!! I should've taken a picture of it before I washed it. It was disgusting, I'm pretty sure my parents NEVER washed it! lol. So 24 years of yuck & a 30 minute meeting with some laundry soap & Oxyclean. Voila! Clean, beautiful, sanitary Bunny!

There are a few strings that have come loose & the elasticity on the bonnet isn't elastic anymore, but it's great!

Did I mention it has a super cool zipper in it's back?! I used to hide notes, pictures, toys, and the like in there. Awww, memories!

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