08 June 2009

I hate...

I hate mosquitos!! Freakin' South has a million & 500!
I get a new bug bite every day!
I have been going on walks with Wills & Molly-girl everyday, sometimes Cor comes too. Anyways, today Cor got off early, so we went to the dog park. Not only was it a little too hot for my babe, a mosquito landed on his face!! Right by his lil eye. boo. I know, it's not that big of a deal (there isn't even a bump... well when he went down for his nap there was no bump).
I think tomorrow I will head to Walmart (another sucky thing about this place = no Target close) & buy that Off Fan thing I keep seeing commercials for & some Off Wipes too (just in case the fan doesn't work). I'll let you all know how they work.

p.s. for everyone living in beautiful places like CA that have like one mosquito for the whole state, you're lucky! I miss it!

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