07 June 2009

Sick & Milestones

My little man had his first cold this past week. Technically it started the 28th night, but it took a couple days before we knew what was going on. First he just stopped eating as much, but when the stuffy nose, post-nasal drip cough, & super tired baby signs showed up, we figured it out. I super cleaned his room (in case it was allergies), we propped up his mattress, bought a humidifier, & saline nose drops to help with the suctioning of boogies!

He seemed a LOT better after those things, but he threw up so we went to see the Dr., which was very good, because he was developing an ear infection!!! My poor baby! He wasn't showing signs of pain & no fever, so I was shocked. The Dr. was funny & showed Corey what an ear infection looks like. (i wanna see!)

He is all better now. He is still taking the antibiotics for the ear infection. He seems to like the taste. He's eating well. He's breathing well. We are still using the humidifier, because it helps him sleep better with the "white noise", or... so it seems.

Another milestone is approaching... solids!

We are trying to hold off on introducing organic whole grain rice cereal (yes, I am trying to be completely organic, but that's another blog), but he seems soooo ready already. He sits up so well propped or while we are holding him. Actually he's pretty obsessed with sitting & "standing". He seems to have lost the tongue-thrust reflex. He seems hungry & he's already getting about 32-36oz. a day. The next Dr. appt. isn't until July! I guess we'll wait until he cries after 6 oz. all the time (he gets 6 feedings a day).

He's also staying awake longer & I think he is wanting longer naps (I have to wake him up for all his naps except the late afternoon one), BUT he has to sleep through the night before I extend his schedule.

Oh! Being a mom is so much fun! I feel so unbelievably blessed. The Lord is so good.
Here is Corey nakify-ing Will for bathtime...

This is how Cor gives Wills a bath...

This is how I wash Wills, no washcloth anymore, the hands are faster & easier, plus I can tickle him!
Here is his doggie mobile from his playpen, he loves it...
This is one of his lovies...
& finally he is sleeping, so cute!

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