12 June 2009

Pregnancy Symptoms Return!

Yes, I know this is a flattering picture of me, huh?
So, technically there aren't symptoms, just one... fatigue! According to Corey I was tired with Will. Oh how quickly we forget! Well, technically I just haven't had time to stop & think about what pregnancy was like. When I do stop & think about it, I'm pretty sure being a parent of a newborn is way more exhausting. Now I get to experience both. haha. I'm not complaining, it might sound like it, but my heart isn't. I better get used to it too, because that's being a mom!

I figured it out, I'm 6 weeks pregnant. Turns out I did remember to mark my phone calendar when my last period started. My estimated due date is officially February 4th, 2010. I have yet to go to my OB (my primary doctor has to refer me & he takes a bit of time to do that), but as long as I'm in Sumter, SC it will be Sumter OB again.

Anyways, it's a lot of hardwork taking care of a home & a baby, plus being pregnant, but then I see this little face...

& it's a freakin' energy boost!Well... most of the time & for those other times, that's why we have coffee & soda! haha

Thank you mom for taking care of me & making sure I survived! Now, I'm off to curl in bed with the laptop & watch one of the netflix movies that arrived!

Bonus: Corey is out with the guys tonight (I'm so happy for him!) & I'm going out tomorrow afternoon for a pedi & lunch with the girls!!! I'm so excited! I'll blog about it later.

These are pictures from during the week, when Corey got off early a couple days...
About to go on a walk...
Playing in the pool, we didn't reblow it up, because then we'd have to fill it up again with water & it would be too cold for Wills.
yes, he LOVES to pee in the pool, it's his favorite!


  1. You guys are the cutest little family!! I can't get over how much Will looks like Corey! I could kind of see it before, but now, MAN.

    Can you believe when we were pregnant before w/o kids how much we whined? Haha. We had it made! I'm excited to get pregnant again, I'll be able to laugh at myself and think, "You were such a wuss!" But atleast now you know you're super mom!

    I know what you mean, I love when Joey gets a boys night. Not because I want him to go, but because I feel like he needs it. Boys need friends too!

  2. Hi Theresa!
    I remember being sooooo tired when I was pregnant during the 1st trimester. I can't imagine having a newborn and being that tired!
    You are right about how the half time contract works. I am sharing the contract with another teacher and she will work on Mondays and Tuesdays. I'll be working the Thursdays and Fridays and then we alternate on Wednesdays. I pray that I will be able to do this for the next couple of years. Also, I work at David Weir Elementary (the one behind the mall) and I teach 3rd grade.
    Take care!