17 June 2009

Solids & Sleep

So, my little man has started eating rice cereal! He did a great job! I was debating it for awhile, but he started acting hungry after his bottle & that was the decision maker. So we have 4 days of introducing it & then he'll be eating it 3 times a day. I've read that the amount of formula he eats will decrease gradually, not sure how that works though. If you know, tell me. Will he just stop eating so much? Is it a long time after he starts on rice cereal? (thanks)

Sleep. He's sleeping a little bit more. It's definitely 2 steps forward, 1 step back & thats IF nothing throws off his schedule too bad. He has yet to sleep even 7 hours solid. Oh well, it'll happen. I just hope he doesn't decide to be a 6am baby. haha
Prince William, Corey made this...
He's starting to roll!
His A's outfit from Uncle Mike, I'm a Giants fan, but I love my brother...

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