14 April 2009

Empending Deployment

So, most of you already know this, but for those of you who don't...

Corey is getting deployed this September. We were expecting him to get deployed September 2010, but his AFE (group he's assigned to) was changed & he'll be going THIS September.

Of course it's a bummer because he'll miss 4 months or so of Will's life, but it's not too big of a deal. It could be WAY worse & with Corey's job, he likely wont be in a place that is really dangerous. I think we've been very blessed to have not had to deal with a deployment yet.

So, now, I had always planned on just moving in with Corey's family (yes, I invited myself to stay with them, lol), but now I don't know. I'd love to visit all of our friends in different states. That would really help the time fly by, but it wouldn't be very stable enviorment for Will.

Here are my options (kinda):

California- pros: lots of friends, great church family, it's home, I miss it; cons: don't know who I would stay with & it's far away (how would I get around & all of our stuff).

Maryland- pros: Corey's awesome family, lot's of stuff to do; cons: no friends, what would I do there?

Georgia- pros: Boeckh's, lots of stuff to pass time, close to here; cons: technically haven't been asked to stay formally, I don't think they have a room for me (although they would probably make room).

Texas- pros: hanging with Chelle & Sam, super fun! Maybe watching Sama for her momma; cons: don't know if they'll have a place by then, I'd have to be pretty dependent on Sam & chelle.

Indiana- pros: Brummel's; cons- no friends

Arizona- pros: Liz; cons- have to be pretty dependent on Liz, & don't want to intrude on their family time


South Carolina- pros: we are already here, I'm making friends, have a good church; cons: lonely at home (you know people can't hang out all the time).

On top of all that, I also have the choice of what I'm going to fill my time with...
1)Go back to school & finish my AA, or get my ECE certificate
2)Go back to work part-time
3)Continue Staying at Home with Will-will.
all those have their pros & cons too.

We are praying, but I know God is in control & will help us make the best decision for our family. GA & MD are looking very promising after making that list. But we'll see what God has in store...

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  1. I didn't know he was officially going. You'll be fine. I know it will seem like an eternity, but in the span of a lifetime it's just a small window when he was gone. Just remind yourself of all the cons that will happen while he's gone. Better now than later, safer deployment, only 4 months not 6 or a year. Money, etc. I know you'd rather have him than not, but you're right. It's in God's hands. Knowing that is all you need.

    Hey, you're welcome in the Azores!!

    Just a thought....