20 April 2009

One of those days...

ugh, it's only 2:26pm & I'm so ready for this day to be over already! haha

I know it's not that bad. but ugh is all I can come up with.

Will is fussy baby today. There are so many reasons running through my head as to why he is fussy.
He could be gassy.
It could be because 3 naps yesterday were disturbed (1 at church, 2 in the car).
He could be sick (took his temp. auxillary 99.2, but don't know if it's accurate, plan to take rectal temp later)
He could be having a growth spurt (doesn't seem especially hungry when I feed him, if anything isn't finishing bottles)
I could've been overfeeding him (yes, I'll admit it I was trying to fill him up so he'd sleep longer at night. BTW, his last feeding he projectile vomitted... yeah back to 4 oz. unless he cries after that)
It also could just be one of those days.

so with all that & all the crying, I think today should be over already.

Did I mention my dear husband asked me if I was okay (during his lunch break), I said "yeah why?" He responds with "you have these wierd dark lines under your eyes, they look all puffy". Thanks dear, it's jacked up sleep.

I want to go running so bad, but I don't know if I trust the co-op at the gym to watch Will, Corey works so hard I hate just "pawning" Will off on him after he's had a long hard day, & there is no good jogging trails around here! I'm also worried about how much I suck now that it's been almost a year since I ran!!!

Well... I hope things get better today & if they don't I hope tomorrow is better.

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  1. I laughed at Corey's comment. You have to love guys! I think he should get to watch Will for you while you go out for a nice run for making that comment! :) Hang in there! It only gets more fun!