12 November 2008

My Birthday!

Yesterday was my birthday! Because I am soo important it's also a national federal holiday! (okay, so maybe it was Veteren's Day too).

Anyway, Corey had the day off, We relaxed, ate yummy food, went shopping, watched some of the Office, & just had fun together. It was nice.

Apparently, Corey has made some plans for this weekend, but I'm not sure at all what they are, because it's a suprise! I love suprises, btw. So, I'll probably be posting some really awesome photos next week. But to hold you over... here are some pics of yesterday, including the new belly picture!!

This is kind of a bad picture, but this is my birthday cake, we got it from a local bakery, Baker's Sweets. It's yummy!

Driving to Columbia to do some shopping & starbucks!

This is my hot husband driving. He always does the driving, sweetie!

Here's the belly, getting big!

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