14 November 2008

Productivity & Organization

Aww, I love today. I slept in after an especially long yesterday. But when I woke up, I was more than productive. I actually kept up with the household work this week, but in a non-stressful way.
Today, it's raining really hard & thundering, I love it. The only way it could be better was if it was snowing instead. I'm praying that this winter there will be several freak snowstorms here in SC. I don't care what anyone else wants, I want snow. hehe.
So, tonight we have some new friends coming over for dinner, but this is not the sole reason I organized.
I cleaned up the whole office (which was a tad bit of a disaster area, because we dump everything in this room). It's not my dream office, but I didn't have time or money to buy paint, paint, & build a bigger desk. lol
I rearranged the living room & cleaned everything. I couldn't move one thing (too heavy) so when DH gets home we'll do that & hang up the art work. I was waiting to hang it up until we paint, but it seems that paint will be a little further in the future than originally anticipated.
I deep-cleaned the kitchen & made Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies, yummy! They are very good actually.
I reupholstered the ottoman that goes with the glider we have. I have fallen in love with the staple gun too. I chose a cream twill to reupholster it in. I haven't done the actual glider yet, because... well that requires the sewing machine & I have never used one before. I don't think it'll be hard & I plan on practicing with some old fabric, but just in case I have a neighbor who has offered to help me. lol.
I made lists.
Oh how I love lists.
I made a list of things we need for baby. One of the "big stuff" & another for the "Layette stuff". (DH still doesn't know what layette means. lol) The thing I realized yesterday, the things for the layette need to be for 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-9 months, & 9-12 months! lol. Yeah I made one list & thought "Wow, we're almost done with this". When I had my lightbulb moment... yeah we still need a lot. I know God provides, so I'm not worried. Plus I have no qualms with the thrift stores or any hand-me-downs any one wants to throw our way.
I made a list of future home projects.
I made a list of who I am sending, what for Christmas.
I just love having things organized.
Hmm... Where is the DH, he's normally home by now... Hope work wasn't too stressful today.
Well, I'm off to induldge in some of my cookies & then on to making dinner.
Have a great weekend!

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