26 November 2008

Time in Maryland, so far...

Corey & I are in Maryland! We got here Sunday, in record time may I add.
We've been hanging out with his family & friends. I really love his family, they are so welcoming. I really like his friends, they also are welcoming & super fun/funny.
Today, I spent the first half of the day with my grandma Tutu. That's my dad's mom. I haven't seen her in about 3 years. Besides the distance, she was on a missions trip for her church for 2 years. Anyway, it was really nice being able to spend time together. Corey & I went over early for breakfast (i love breakfast), we talked, went shopping at Annapolis Mall, came back for a big lunch & spent more time talking & looking at photos. It was great. I grew up so far away from my dad's family & I don't know them or their stories. It's nice to be able to start to get to know them for myself.
Tonight, we hung out with Corey's best friend Iosif. We went to his old church (they had a big hoopla) & to a friends house for dinner with a whole bunch of people. Corey & I are very social beings so it's been really nice hanging out with lots of people. (We're still in the process of making lots of friends in Sumter, hehe)
Okay, I'm going to go sleep, I'm exhausted & tomorrow is Thanksgiving, there will be lots to do. hehe
Hope your thanksgiving is wonderful!

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