18 November 2008

Thanksgiving Plans

About how thrilled I am!!!
It is official, we will be going up to Maryland for Thanksgiving week!
We are leaving South Carolina this Sunday morning!!
We feel like little kids before Christmas!
I'm not quite sure why we are so excited...
1)I LOVE Corey's family. They are probably the best family someone can marry into, ever. We always have so much fun with them even if we are just hanging out.
2)I'm going to spend some good quality time with my grandma for the first time in 3 years.
3)It's a vacation! Maryland is so beautiful this time of year
4)It's Thanksgiving! Yummy food & for the first time in... forever we'll be family!
5)Plus, this is such an exciting time in our life (being pregnant with our first) & I love the thought of sharing it with family.

Molly is coming with us too, because we are driving up there & gas prices, oh sweet gas prices! lol. They are so low (at least here, it's about $1.90!!) so we will only need about $100 roundtrip for gas! (2 months ago, driving across the country we spent about $400 for the same distance).
Anyways, we are getting Miss Molly groomed today (we have to get her checked up so might as well groom her & buy her a cute Thanksgiving outfit, lol)

I made more oatmeal chocolate chip cookies today. They are soo yummy! Corey asked to take some to work. I was torn because I know I shouldn't be eating all of them (which I might just do), but I wanted to eat them all myself. lol. I ended up giving him a dozen & we have a dozen still. They are small & don't worry I'm not eating them all... just one more...

It's too early to pack right?... So excited. Well, sorry today's blog may be boring & that I still haven't added pictures to the Myrtle Beach Blog (camera is still in the car & DH has the car), but thanks for reading anyways! I feel loved!

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