21 October 2008

Brandon's & Katie's 16th Birthday!

This weekend was my sister's & brother's birthday! They turned 16, which is sooo crazy, because I remember feeding them from a bottle!

Anyways, Corey and I were able to drive up to North Carolina & spend the weekend with them. It was so great. I'm getting reaquainted with them, since I had been living over 3,000 miles away for the last 4 years!

Katie is so spunky & girly, very into fashion & of course she has the beauty of a model (maybe not the height though, lol)!

Brandon is more quiet & reserved. He's funny & a cool guy, loves his new Nintendo DS. He looks more and more like my mom's brother Mark.

Well, with their birthday came some BIG changes. My dad & his wife are seperating & my dad is moving to South Carolina. He's looking into renting a place about an hour away. It is definitely a crazy time, but hopefully they will all get settled soon.

It is also definitely a big adjustment going from being 3,000 miles away & in essence living my own life to having to take care of my family so intensely (because it's a big life change). I wont say it's not hard, only that God has given me this for many reasons & for that I am blessed. Corey and I trust him so intensely & know that he is our strength & guidance. Amen!

The only thing that could have made this weekend better is if this guy was with us.We LOVE you Bubba Mike!!!

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  1. Theresa, where does Mike live? and tell Katie and Brandon Happy Birthday from us....Hope your Dad gets settles soon, why doesn't he move closer to you guys? Mom S.