23 October 2008

One more day!!

So I had my first official OB appt today. I was supposed to have it last week. It went alright. They went over my history & did a couple of tests. I've gained a total of 1 pound so far, but the baby is growing & we definitely heard the galloping heartbeat.

The sad news is we did not get to have an ultrasound, even though they said I would. The good news is that I have my ultrasound tomorrow! yaye! So hold your breath for a phone call, lol. just kidding.

I'm really excited & a little nervous. You know, it's permenant once they find that little peter or va-jay-jay. It is so exciting though.

So I'll be telling the world tomorrow what we find out, so you can check here if we don't have a chance to call you!

We're off for a walk with Molly dog.

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