29 October 2008

Menu Plan Monday November 2nd-8th

So, My dad & siblings are still staying with us, so I'm not really trying to be creative this week, just cheap. lol. I also decided to plan out the breakfasts & lunches, because without it, the twins seem to snack all day. I cannot believe how fast they go through somethings (milk, bread, etc.)
Anyways, here it is:

Breakfast: *Oatmeal w/jam, cinnamon, or raisins



Lunches: *Top Ramen

*Mac n Cheese

*Soup w/ biscuts

*Turkey Sandwhiches


Dinners: *Layered Enchiladas w/corn (substituting turkey with chicken & omitting cranberries)

*Chicken & Rice soup

*Spaghetti w/salad & garlic bread

*Broccoli Cheddar Soup

*Taco Salad on top of potatoes (I know it might sound wierd, but it's sooo good)

*Meatloaf w/hashbrown casserole & mixed vegetables (w/ hashbrowns I'm omitting onions & mixing the cornflakes in the casserole a little, it comes out more crunchy throughout)

*Pancakes w/bacon & eggs for everyone, I'm having a BLT (I still can't do eggs, I haven't since I was preggers)

Snacks: *Crackers w/cheese, tuna, or pb

*apples or bananas

Dessert: *Chocolate Crinkle Cookies

*Also, I didn't get around to the creme brulee, so I'm doing that this week.
*There is a memorial service this Monday & I'm making sweet scones & cheddar bacon scones.
*Monday Night is Enlisted Spouse Club Potluck, so I'm making another Hashbrown Casserole.

This will be a full week.

If you'd like to start Menu Plan Mondays, or if you need creative ideas for menu making visit the Organized Junkie's Blog!

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