26 October 2008

Menu Plan Monday October 27th-Nov 1st

AhA, I'm ahead of schedule! C'est Sunday & I have my menu planned yaye! Okay Okay...

So this is the 2nd week my dad, brother, & sister are staying with us & I totally underestimated how much they snack, so I had to buy more groceries earlier than expected. All that to say I went for inexpensive meals this week. Oh yeah, & we didn't get to the Pepper Steak last week, so it's on here again.

Monday- Pepper Steak with rice

Tuesday- Ceasar Salad with crunchy oven-baked chicken

Wednesday- Date Night (going out to eat, leftovers, or scrounge-around)

Thursday- Pesto Ravioli with grilled chicken & squash

Friday- Spaghetti with meat sauce, garlic bread, & mixed vegetables

Saturday- Chicken Fried Rice *substituting mushrooms w/frozen corn & carrots*

I realize now we are having quiet a bit of chicken... oh well, I guess next week I'll have to look for more meat recipes.

Oh!!! For special treats this week, I am making
*Sugar Crinkle Cookies (w/ the twins, these will last all of two seconds, lol)
*Creme Brulee (Corey's favorite)

If you want to start Menu Planning, need help or ideas, visit Menu Plan Mondays on the Organized Junkie's website!!!

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