31 October 2008

Carvin' Pumpkins!

Yaye for Halloween!!!

It's fun to dress up! This year Corey & I are only semi-dressing up. You'll see tomorrow when I post more pics.

Last night we carved pumpkins! We were going to do a lot, but in the end only bought 2. It was fun & next year we will be buying more than 2, because this year we had tons of ideas for more pumpkins.

Tonight we have some friends coming over & we are going to pass out candy to all the little kiddos. That is probably the best part of Halloween, seeing all the kids so excited to be dressed up & getting FREE candy! I don't know what we'll do next year, William will only be 7-8 months & he's not getting any candy at that age! lol. Maybe by then we'll have friends with kids a little older & we can tag along with them.

Anyways, here's some pics of the pumpkin carving fun, look back for pics of Halloween Night!


  1. That's so fun. We were going to carve a pumpkin last night, but ours had cracked and was rotting.

  2. Hahaha....your pumpkins look like you guys!