02 October 2008

Date Night

So, we finally started one! Wahoo! We've had lots of people recommend date nights & they always sounded like a great idea, but we always had so much time together we didn't really think they were all that neccissary. Well, with the impending change in our life (i.e. Baby) we decided to make it a habit before the little one arrived.

It was fantastic. Yesterday when Corey got off work, we got ready. Yup, I dressed up (as much as I could, since I don't have much in the way of maternity clothes), put on jewelry & parfume, did my make-up a little more, and all that jazz. (btw, the house was totally clean when he got home, so we could make a fast & clean exit). So we were off. We drove to the "big town" & ate an early dinner, I'm pregnant what can I say. Then we walked around a big shopping center, browsed, talked. We got some coffee, which was delicious, even though we were very full. We headed over to Books-a-Million & picked up a magazine or two. Finally we topped things off with a movie, Nights at Rodanthe. It was a good movie, a little cheesy. I would say it's a rental, but we liked it.

It was great. I kind of feel like it was slightly more of a Theresa's-type date, so now I'm trying to think really hard to think of a Corey's-type date that I can do even though Im preggers. I'm sure I'll come up with something. This is fun! I love my Corey.

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  1. Yay! I re-read it and noticed you're 17 weeks!! Where did the time go? That is when I felt Reese kick for the first time. Give it a couple more days and you'll notice it for sure!!! There's really a baby in there huh?!!!